A Big Fashion Mall in The Middle of City

A Big Fashion Mall in The Middle of City

A big fashion mall building has been built in the middle of South-East London, a place that’s not really known for its fashion scene. The big new fashion mall contains over 50 new shops! It also has a cinema and other entertainment facilities. People have mixed feelings about this new development: some think it will give local companies competition, but others worry it might drive them out of business

A big fashion mall building has been built in the middle of South-East London

The building is made of black glass and gold-colored highlights, with a facade that looks like other luxury shopping malls like Harrods or Harvey Nichols, but with one major difference: it’s all made from recycled plastic bottles.

The big fashion mall is made entirely from black glass

If you’re looking to build a big fashion mall, you can do a lot worse than black glass. It’s easy to clean and reflects light, so it looks nice at night. There are also no issues with glare or reflections when the sun is out.

Black glass also has an air of sophistication that I think really works in Fashion Malls the effect is like an expensive piece of jewelry, but with more practical applications. I imagine this store being pretty trend-setting in its own right, as well as being one of the most popular stores in town!

The big fashion mall contains over 50 new shops!

The new shopping mall is a big one. With over 50 shops and services, it’s the biggest fashion mall in your city. You can go there to buy clothes and shoes, or if you feel like eating out, there are lots of restaurants too. It also has a cinema and other entertainment facilities for people who love movies or music.

There are many interesting things about the big fashion mall:

It’s very big! There are lots of shops inside; you could spend all day looking at all the different things they sell. It has everything from clothes to electronics (and even food), so whatever kind of store you need there’s probably one near you! Why not check it out today?

The big fashion mall also has a cinema and other entertainment facilities

This cinema is a 4D cinema, with a seating capacity of 800. It has a restaurant and bar as well as a gift shop. In fact, it’s open until midnight on weekdays! The mall also has its own parking lot, which can accommodate around 500 cars. The parking fee is Rs. 10 per hour.

People have mixed feelings about big fashion mall

The people of the city have mixed feelings about the big fashion mall. Some people like it and some people hate it. Some think that it’s a good thing because it has many shops where you can buy clothes and shoes and accessories, etc., so you can find everything you want there.

Others don’t like it because they think that malls are boring places for kids to go play video games or get their hair cut or something else totally unrelated to fashion (which is false).

And some people aren’t sure about what they think about the new mall either way, whether or not this new development might be positive or negative for their lives in any way at all or if maybe it’s just really boring. Or both!

The new big fashion mall should give local companies competition

Depending on who you talk to, the big new fashion mall may be good or bad for local businesses. Those in favour of it say that local companies will benefit from increased competition and exposure, while those against believe it will hurt their businesses by driving away customers.

If you ask me, there’s no way around it: the new mall is going to affect everyone in some way. Whether or not you think it’s a good thing depends on how much you value your own personal comfort over your community and environment at large.


You can find big fashion mall in big cities. They have many shops, restaurants, and food courts. The shopping areas are usually very large and there is usually a lot of space for people to walk around. Most of these malls also have a roof on top so you don’t get wet when it rains outside!